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The Algerian constitution states that all citizens are created equal. Algeria has made some changes to the code since its implementation. These changes are a result of years of activism and pressure on the government to allow women more rights and to be seen as equals. However, as the protests in have proven, the country still has room for improvement to allow women to be seen and treated as equals.

Blog - Latest News. In February , the government introduced an article that would make the state work to attain equality in the job market. Some men would prefer women to choose more feminine career paths, such as healthcare and education. Some forms of domestic violence are criminalized. The government adopted amendments to the family code in December that can protect women in the case of domestic violence.

Assault on a spouse or former spouse can result in 20 years of imprisonment. Assaults resulting in death can have a consequence of life in prison. The amendment also criminalized sexual harassment in public spaces. This is a major win for women considering their violent and traumatic past. Teachers, businesswomen, drivers and women engaged in the public sphere were especially targeted. These women would often get raped, murdered or disappear during that time. Having these amendments does not take away the brutal past, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. Women have more access to divorce and child custody.

Despite new laws that would allow women more access to divorce and child custody , women still find it hard to divorce their husbands. Women need approval from the courts and have to meet certain criteria before initiating the divorce, whereas men do not need justification. On top of needing men to approve the divorce, women also risk losing their property and assets if they decide to end their marriage. Many of these organizations are led by women. One organization, in particular, Djazairouna, has been around since the mids.

This organization helped families affected by the Black Decade. They provided moral, psychological and legal assistance to the victims. They would also attend their funerals. Traditionally, only men were allowed to attend funerals but during the Black Decade, women started going as an act of protest. Women have an equal opportunity to hold public office.

Women sex Alger

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