Who wants to go for a boat ride

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This song is currently unavailable in your area. Laughing Hyena's 25th Anniversary by Jay Hickman. P Laughing Hyena Records. A little guy, Stephen, without a great deal of sense was telling his friend that he couldn't get a girl. His friend, Mike asked, " Man, aren't you rich? Don't you have all kinds of money? I just can't get none. Women LOVE boats! You buy a boat, ask a girl if she wants a boat ride, take her twenty miles out, cut off the engine, and tell her to put out or swim.

Then you come back and tell me how it went. Finally a girl came by and looked at his boat. He said, " Y-y-you wanna go fer a boat wide wi' me? She went. He drove her twenty miles out, pulled out the key and said, " Y-y-you g-g-got to p-p-put out, or y-y-you g-g-ot to swim.

He was so happy that he tried it again the next day. He sat by his boat; a girl walked by and looked at the boat. He asked, " Y-you w-wanna go fer a boat wide wi' me? He took her twenty miles out, took out the key, and said, " Y-you gotta p-put out or swim! She took off her swimsuit and let him have some.

The next day he was cocky! A little gal came by in a swimsuit that was made of less cotton than there is in the top of an aspirin bottle. He saw her look at the boat and said, " Hey,! Wanna go fer a boat wide w' me? Don't make no damn difference t' me! The smell was so bad he had to cover his head. He said, " Whew! Never mind! Put that swimsuit back on and don't get none of that on me! What did you do?

Who wants to go for a boat ride

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