Ugly guys need love too

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You see these guys that, let's face it, look like total losers, yet somehow manage to end up with beautiful women and you wonder how they managed to do it. They must be rich, right? While that is definitely the case once in a while, there are regular guys out there who always manage to attract the attention of beautiful women. What's their secret? We'll tell you 5 secrets that will help you get the women you want.

If you want a woman to think you're worth her time, then you need to act like you're worth it. If you don't consider yourself worthy, you can bet that she'll see it in the way you carry yourself. The great thing about confidence is that you can do a pretty good job of faking it if you set your mind to it.

Stand up straight, don't stammer when you speak, and most importantly be sure to make and maintain eye contact when you're trying to get her attention and when you speak to her. Practice being confident on every person you speak to and eventually it will come naturally. Don't assume a woman is out of your league and instead remember that we're all human and every woman is fair fame--even the gorgeous ones.

You can do it! This also explains why so many seemingly average or even ugly comedians get hot girlfriends. Um, hellooo David Spade and Naya Rivera! This doesn't mean you need to rush out and learn a bunch of knock-knock jokes, but do stop taking yourself too seriously and be up for a good laugh. Learn to find the humor in everyday situations and don't be afraid to share them with a pretty woman.

There's not a gut or uni-brow that can't be overlooked if you know how to make her laugh! It's human nature for a woman to want a man who is capable of stepping up and looking after her. Show that you're competent and responsible and she'll take notice. This isn't about an important job and lots of money, it's about taking care of yourself and not living like an aimless sloth.

It doesn't need to cost a lot of money to look good either; proper hygiene, smelling good, and wearing clothes that are clean, wrinkle-free, and fit well will go a long way in making you stand out over a lot of other guys--especially in this day and age of ripped jeans and pants that hang below the crack line. Don't make it all about meeting women because you need more than that going on in your life to appeal to anyone including yourself. a weekend sports team or club, travel, read books, stay on top of current affairs, and just get out there and enjoy doing things. This doesn't just give you more to talk about when you do meet new women , but having a fulfilling life makes you happier and more confident so that you don't ever come off as desperate or needy.

These ugly guys who get hot women do all of these things, which all together, make them stand out over the competition. These things will help you get and keep the attention of the women you want. Date thousand of European singles online.

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Ugly guys need love too

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