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Explore Plus. Price: Not Available. Currently Unavailable. Renarde Giselle. Love to watch? All eyes are on the action in this collection of twenty steamy stories about voyeurs, exhibitionists, risky business and wife and husband watchers. Neighbours peep in through windows and over the garden fence hoping for a candid glimpse and maybe more, a waitress with a fetish for flashing is given a very public punishment, and a male stripper puts on a show that his -one fan will never forget.

Horny honeymooners outrage a resort with their blatant antics, while a private detective enjoys the perks of his job when he's hired by a vampish client. Elsewhere, an alien visitor learns that Earthling orgies can be out of this world, an ethereal being seeks sexual energy to feed off, and a busy career woman gets the thrill-ride of her life on the Tube - with five gorgeous men!

Sneak a peek between the covers and see for yourself how hot a little sexy spying can be As Seen Through Windows by Giselle Renarde A lonely woman spends her days and nights watching the sexy female neighbour who lives in the condo building across from hers - including her stolen encounters with a gorgeously virile regular visitor.

The Breaking Point by Veronica Wilde College girl Savana's favourite summer jobs have one very specific perk - they allow her the opportunity to indulge her secret love of flashing. But when arousal distracts her from her work and le to a clumsy error, she finds herself paying a painful, humiliating and utterly orgasmic price Only, it being the Great D and all - times tougher than the steaks at Tony's Diner - she didn't have a lot of dough.

All she had was what she carried with her under her threadbare dress, so she made a down payment with that - for the good of her marriage, see? Janson saw plenty, his professional bedroom eyes peeping out the solution to the dame's dilemma and eyeballing a whole new heady problem that even he wasn't holstered to handle.

Temptation Lives Next Door by Beverly Langland Alison is a twitcher, a birdwatcher of sorts, and the particular bird who currently has her enthralled is her neighbour, Lucy. Alison is a loner, a recluse, so the girl next door becomes an obsession, filling her life.

She is dreading Lucy's departure for university - but then the younger woman pays an unexpected visit. This is Alison's fantasy come true, but can she cross the line into making it a reality? Who's Watching Who? Sit alone in her top floor apartment and admire the view?

When that view includes a crew of sexy builders working on the construction site opposite, she slips into a fantasy involving her favourite. She certainly knows how to use her imagination, and his image, to arouse and pleasure herself.

But someone is watching. And he needs pleasuring too. Deliberate Display by Abigail Thornton Julie is looking forward to going home after a long season working in a Spanish hotel. Her final weeks are complicated by the arrival of demanding newlyweds Ruth and Callum, but she bends over backwards to meet their needs.

When Julie is presented with eye-popping evidence relating to complaints from surrounding hotels, she is intrigued, convinced that the couple are putting on a deliberate show. Catching them in the act, Julie puts professionalism to one side and finds herself a willing participant in their saucy show. The Convent Girls' Tale by Marlene Yong Thrown together in a convent, Vanessa and Dympna enjoy their sexual initiation at 18 and discover their individual erotic skills within weeks of each other.

Years later, separated by their chosen paths in life, they meet and Vanessa recounts her latest sexual adventure to Dympna. But is each concealing a secret from the other? When it arrives at planet Earth, the sexually deprogrammed alien humanoids are not aroused by what they see - except for one tour operative who is unably turned on by the bedroom antics of the Earthlings.

Intrigued by the thought of a more hands-on experience, she jumps ship to mix with them - with consequences that may alter the future for her, her shipmates, and their entire frigid race. Laundry Day by Sommer Marsden Donaldson? Jade and Clark may not be sure of their across-the-way neighbours' surname, but they do know Wednesday is their laundry night.

Every week, they watch through the window as the horny pair have sex during the first dryer load - which keeps their own spark alive too. It's a secret situation, but Jade's convinced it's win-win - everyone ends up satisfied in the bedroom Private Performance by Lucy Felthouse Robyn has a huge crush on a member of London's hottest male dance troupe.

When Sean moves his incredible body and thrusts his snake hips in her direction, she's helpless to do anything but watch. She pays a fortune to go to as many of his performances as she can, then rushes home to touch herself as she thinks of him.

His raw sex appeal and pure animal magnetism are the most powerful aphrodisiac she's ever experienced. Then, one night, he issues an invitation she can't refuse. Showtime by Alex Jordaine Carol and Peter are enjoying their holiday in Provence and their days have settled into a familiar pattern.

So have their nights. That's when Carol dresses to impress and seduce, and he out alone to find a sexual partner to bring back to their villa. There are rules - these strangers don't get to stay all night and although Peter never meets them face to face, he always, but always, gets to watch.

Escape at Erotica by Philippa Blaise Successful author Bella Javeria has a secret desire - she longs to act out the sexual fantasies she describes in her erotic novels. An invitation to attend London's world-famous Erotica exhibition seems the ideal opportunity to escape her mundane life for just one day. And when Bella meets a handsome stranger - who seems to know exactly what she wants - that day becomes very special indeed. Coming Attractions by Landon Dixon Darren had his "coming out" coming in.

He'd just turned 18, and got a job in a big store where he met Chris. Older and more experienced, Chris showed Darren the ropes. Then he showed the young man so much more of himself, when he invited Darren over to his apartment on repeated occasions. And Darren didn't have to be hit between the eyes and legs too hard to finally see what was happening, and want all-in. Watch and Learn by Chloe Richmond When Chloe is caught in a compromising position, she worries that Kelly might tell others what she saw. But Kelly has an interesting proposal that promises her discretion and Chloe comes to learn that there's an interesting relationship between what you see and what you get Skimpy by Scarlett Blue Jessica, a young Englishwoman working her way around Australia as a "skimpy" - a scantily clad bar girl - jumps at the chance to reveal more of her finer points at a men-only party.

She's offering service with a smile, as well as a naked bottom half, and then she gets an even more brilliant idea - one that will give the guys a night to remember and leave her a sticky and juicy but very satisfied mess Your Ultimate Fantasy by Elizabeth Coldwell When Lisa is given a note that offers her the chance to have her ultimate fantasy fulfilled, she can't think of anything she really wants. Then she realises it gives her the opportunity to watch and learn just what her boyfriend gets up to when he's alone and horny Between Friends by Roxy Martin Sally feels lucky to have a friend like Jen - smart, clever, and the secret object of Sally's obsession.

Jen, meanwhile, is attracted to Sally's husband Mike, and a plot is hatched and put into action. When Mike succumbs to Jen's seduction, Sally watches - but once is not enough. How much pleasure can a woman get from watching her husband have sex with her best friend? Sally is about to find out No way. Have you ever felt your skin prickle with awareness when you're alone with your vibrator? Maybe you've lain on your bed with your lover's head between your legs and suddenly felt the two of you were not alone?

When that happens, do you pull the covers over your nakedness? Or do you put on a star performance for your unseen audience? Do you come harder, faster and louder when you fantasise you are being watched? No more fantasy. I'm watching. Do it for me. Keen to get to know them and their culture better, Roger invites them to a backyard barbeque - where he and Beatrice get a more intimate insight into their neighbours' private life than they bargained for.

Then Jiri and Ivanka ask the other couple to their place, intending to play host - first in their own backyard, and then in their bedroom. Come Underground by Demelza Hart Meet a London girl who needs a little release from the stress of her life - and is about to find it on a late-night trip on the London Underground. This will be a tube journey like no other. When the doors lock for the duration of the trip and she sees the five gorgeous men in the carriage with her, she knows she's in for the ride of her life.

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Sexy Richmond girls

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