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Some of the features on CT. Find a vaccination site near you at ct. Secondarily, I would like to acknowledge the assistance in this investigation from Inspector P. Whenever a police officer, in the performance of his duties, uses physical force upon another person and such person dies as a result thereof, the Division of Criminal Justice shall cause an investigation to be made and shall have the responsibility of determining whether the use of deadly physical force by the peace officer was appropriate under 53a I responded to the scene with Inspector Clark.

Personnel from that unit had already arrived prior to my arrival on the scene. By October 9, , Richard P. Love had become a suspect in four bank robberies. The Richmond Police Department, through their investigation, had obtained a warrant for Mr. Area departments had been working together to locate Mr. Love to arrest him on the Richmond warrant and complete the remaining investigations.

On October 9, , through this t investigation, Mr. Love was located in a room at the EconoLodge motel in Old Saybrook. The following factual findings are made as a result of the investigation of the Connecticut State Police Eastern District Major Crime Squad, which not only included their own investigative efforts, witness statements, and reports, but also included, among other information, reports from the Richmond Police Department, reports from the Stonington Police Department, reports from the Groton Town Police Department, reports from the Norwich Police Department, reports from the Old Saybrook Police Department, reports from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Forensic Science Laboratory, reports from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and audio and visual evidence recovered in the course of this investigation.

A suspect vehicle was identified, and images of the male suspect were broadcast in Rhode Island and Connecticut. They were informed that a male who matched the broadcast images from the Citizens Bank Robbery in Richmond, entered the Westerly, Rhode Island, Savings Institute and displayed suspicious behavior. The specialist sent the images to the detectives who identified him as the same person who robbed the Citizens Bank in Richmond. The suspect information was again broadcast to surrounding states and media outlets. On Tuesday, September 29, , Richmond Police detectives received information from an anonymous female caller who identified the bank robber as Richard Love D.

Detectives responded to the address, located the suspect vehicle, and attempted to stop the operator when the vehicle fled the residence. Information was developed that positively identified Richard Love as the robbery suspect. Subsequently, Richard Love was positively identified by detectives via witnesses, video surveillance footage, and images from the prior bank robbery in Richmond. He abandoned the truck a short distance away.

Detectives identified known associates of Richard Love and determined that he had obtained a ride from a friend in close proximity to the credit union to escape the area. The friend was subsequently identified as Scott Rainy D. Scott Rainy was located at a motel in Waterford, on Saturday, October 3, , at a. Upon being interviewed, Rainy provided information that Richard Love had been actively abusing drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin. Rainy said that he, Love, and Kimberly Wallen D. Rainy said Love would ask him to go into a motel to obtain the rooms and would hand him cash to pay for the rooms.

He said the last time he saw Richard Love was with Kimberly Wallen when he dropped them off at a house in New London earlier in the day. Rainy said Love and Wallen were supposed to come back to the motel, but never did. On Tuesday, October 6, , at hours members of the Stonington Police Department responded to the Citizens Bank in Mystic for a reported bank robbery.

Information was disseminated about Richard Love and Kimberly Wallen. All of the motels and motels in the Old Saybrook area were checked for Richard Love and known associates without any success. An unknown amount of money was stolen. Richard Love was positively identified as the suspect. It was determined that Love had stolen a vehicle from a gas station across the street from the bank to utilize for the robbery and to flee the scene.

The vehicle was abandoned a short distance from the bank. Various witnesses were documented as coming forward to identify Richard Love as the wanted bank robber in the area. On Friday, October 9, , at hours, Christina Chesanek, owner of Fromage Fine Food and Coffees at Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook, called Old Saybrook Police to report a suspicious white female, age with a striped shirt, in front of the store sitting on a bench reaching into and out of a backpack.

Chesanek requested an officer to patrol the area, as she was alone in the store and concerned. Dispatcher Michael Paradis was also working. At approximately hours, Officer Miller was dispatched to the area of the Fromage store. A description of the female was put out over the radio and the entire evening shift responded to the area in an attempt to locate her. Officer Miller reported that she asked the female if she could be of any help to her and the female replied that she was homeless and was trying to get a ride to the motel Pier Blue.

Walsh arrived a short time later. Miller reported that she asked the female if she had any identification, which she did not. Officer Miller reported that she recognized the name from roll call briefings as being associated with Richard Love and the recent bank robberies.

Officer Miller asked Wallen how she was to be in Old Saybrook that evening. Wallen explained that she awoke today in a motel room at the Super 8 and that Love and Spielman had left with all of their belongings. She said that she ran out of money and the staff kicked her out. Wallen said that she last saw Love at about a. Wallen told Sgt.

Walsh that Love had recently purchased a blue Kia motor vehicle. Wallen was placed under arrest and searched incident to arrest. She was found to be in possession of two used hypodermic needles in her backpack. She stated that Richard Love must have put them in her bag before he left.

Officer Small transported Wallen at hours and arrived at the Old Saybrook Police Department at hours. While on scene with Wallen, Sgt. Walsh subsequently informed Det. Walsh reported that he then directed Patrolmen Ciccone and Small to check area motels for the blue Kia and to inquire at the front desks if Richard Love or Chris Spielman had checked in recently.

At hours, Officer Ciccone contacted Sgt. Walsh to report that he had responded to the EconoLodge, Boston Post Road, where employee Bobby Das confirmed that Chris Spielman had checked in about an hour earlier and was ased room Ciccone reported that he showed Das a picture of Richard Love. Das stated that the picture did not look like the person who checked in, and that the person was alone. Walsh directed Officer Ciccone to take a post in the parking lot of the EconoLodge where he could maintain a visual with the motel room.

Officer Ciccone did not locate a blue Kia in the parking lot. Walsh stated he then contacted Chief Michael Spera 1 via telephone, at which time Chief Spera replied that he would be responding to the scene. At hours Sgt. Walsh requested that all available units stage at Sandy Point Road, which is south of the EconoLodge on the back side of the motel and cannot be viewed from room There are 45 rooms primarily on the first and second floors. There is a below ground basement that spans the majority of the floor plan with a rough poured concrete floor.

The property is located on Boston Post Road, also known as Route 1, a paved, two-way heavily traveled street that runs primarily north and south in front of the motel. The motel is situated approximately feet off the right shoulder south side of Route 1. It is accessed via a driveway from Route 1 to the west of the motel and also can be accessed via a driveway from Sandy Point Road on the southwest. There is a covered concrete walkway on the north facing, west side of the first floor and main motel entrance.

Located on the north facing, east side of the motel is a large light colored composite deck with white vinyl rails. There is outside access to the deck from a set of stairs to the north. The south side of the motel has an open concrete walkway on the first floor west side that accesses motel rooms. There are eight doors. The north side of the building is primarily two stories tall. The first floor, north facing, west side of the building has access to motel rooms under the covered concrete walkway to the west of the main motel entrance, which is on the first floor west side.

There is a small circular surveillance camera mounted on the east sidewall facing west down the covered concrete walkway. There is a solid half wall to the north of the walkway that runs east to west. There are five 5 first floor north facing motel rooms in this area. The room s run in sequence from east to west. The rooms are deated in order from east to west as , , , , , and There was a door located to the west of room that accesses a stairwell to the second floor of the motel. There are three points of access from the covered concrete walkway in front of the rooms to the parking lot located to the north of the motel.

There is no other access to these rooms other than the main entrances on the north side of the building. Room is on the first floor, north facing, on the west side of the motel. The entrance door faces north to the parking lot and is located under the covered concrete walkway. A series of recessed lights in the ceiling of the walkway were illuminated at the time of the incident. A solid half wall to the north runs east to west. The entrance door to room is a solid metal, six-panel white door. The exterior of the door has a vertical, silver and black metal rectangular electronic swipe key card box with a solid silver color metal door handle in the middle.

The door opens outward to the north into the walkway, from the left east to right west. There are three metal hinges on the east side of the door. Located to the west of the entrance door is a large solid clear glass window with white trim. The window spans from approximately one foot above the concrete floor of the walkway to the top of the entrance door, and the majority of the north wall of the motel room.

From the walkway, the window is obstructed with a solid white covering from the interior of the room. Located in the wall to the west of the window, in close proximity to the concrete floor, is the back of a white wall mounted air conditioner unit for room Walsh reported that at hours Chief Spera arrived on scene, assumed command and was ased operations. Officers on scene were advised to don their department issued tactical gear, which they did. Walsh reported that a five-person team consisting of himself, Officer Miller and her canine Kendo, Officer DeLima, Officer Small and Chief Spera was assembled to make contact with the subject in Room Walsh reported that the team approached the room from the west.

Officer DeLima reported that when they approached the room, officers took the following positions: Chief Spera, Sgt. Officer Small reported that Officer DeLima and Ciccone were equipped with patrol rifles, and that he was equipped with a battering ram. Walsh also reported that a master key had been obtained from motel clerk Bobby Das.

All officers reported similar instances of the following events: Sgt. Walsh knocked on the door to room to announce their presence. After several knocks, a male party began speaking to them from inside. Walsh requested that the male exit the room to talk with them. The male asked Sgt.

Walsh who they were, and Sgt. Walsh explained that they were from the Old Saybrook Police Department and needed to speak with him. The male stated that it would not be a good idea for him to come out. Walsh again asked the male to exit the room and talk with them. The male subject then looked out the window to the west of the door, and Sgt. Walsh recognized him to be Richard Love. Walsh recognized this to be a reference to Love having a firearm.

Walsh asked Love if he had just told him that he had a gun, and Love then placed a black semi-automatic weapon against the window with the muzzle pointed up. Some officers reported seeing the gun pointed in their general direction, but not directly at them. At that point, Officer Miller announced loudly that the subject had a gun and all officers quickly took positions of cover surrounding the room.

Old Saybrook fuck Old Saybrook

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