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A heavily package-touristed island which therefore has an awful lot of textiles. And there certainly are various well-established naturist beaches which Barefooters enthuse over. Travelling west towards Kefalos along the main road from the airport, there are several good beaches before you reach Kefalos.

These are all ed with turnings to the left off the main road, and some have more than one name. See on Google maps. Tropical Beach has a new owner. Mandy now runs the small cafe selling cold and hot drinks and sandwiches. A new near the road is planned for Mandy and her partner fill up sandbags so it is easier to get into the water.

I am disabled, 2 walking sticks, and have no problems with this beach. One of the few beaches on the island, where the sea is calm, most of the time. For me, one of the best places to swim; water temp 25 o although it is 27 o on the North of the island July-September. In , two sunbeds and an umbrella were available at the standard Kos price of 6 euros per day. Some correspondents have referred to this beach as the only official naturist beach on Kos. In August two beds and umbrellas are still 6 euros. The beach can be reached by the main road going west from Kardamena and takes about 10 minutes by bicycle.

A contributor reported in July that a bus also runs from Kardemena. The road completely finishes shortly afterwards at Porto Bello Beach. Access to Tropical Beach is via the track that takes you to the back of the beach. As the access is not too firm, the beach would not accommodate disabled naturists easily. So, it's easy to find and no long walks involved!

A correspondent who visited in September reported that there is no permanent taverna, but the small cafe that has been there for a of years usually opened around midday, selling cold soft drinks and beer. His prices are conventional for Kos, and whilst the cabin is a bit basic, there is a shaded concrete area, with room for tables and a dozen or so chairs. Whilst much of the sand at the water's edge has disappeared, leaving quite an uncomfortable walk across sharp stones into the water or along the water line, sandbags have been placed to help with access to the water.

In September , there was some snorkelling and even a bit of line fishing going on. Barefooters who visited in May were surprised to find a fresh batch of sand had been imported! Others, a family with two daughters now aged 23 and 17, have been visiting this particular beach now since and find it fantastic, the girls in particular enjoy it because they can sunbathe in peace as you do not get large groups of young men ogling and jeering.

The taverna usually opens around There is a good mix of people, gays, mature couples and families. My reporters say it's like home from home and have made several new friends. A slightly less positive report from a Barefoot couple who visited in June says that although the beach was quiet, once they had undressed they were bothered by two "dirty old men" it seems the only way these pathetic souls could find out what a naked woman looks like was to ogle one on the beach.

The beach wasn't over-clean, and it is right next to another beach, so the advice is if you're easily embarrassed give it a miss. On the other hand, a Barefooter reporting from September thought this a very friendly beach. He was made very welcome by regulars: a mix of Brits with some German, Italian and Greek. He says Angie keeps a perfect house with limited but basic facilities. People come back year after year. Soft sand, sunbeds and cold beers. They will be back. That view was confirmed by another pair of Barefooters who also visited in September They happened on this beach when trying to escape the "cigarette-end-littered sands of Kardamena".

This is a very small group of sunbeds and umbrellas 6 Euros in front of a little stall and veranda selling refreshments, sandwiches etc. The road described above was missing. The sandbags leading into the sea are still there and very useful. Most if not all of the sunbeds were occupied on both days, mostly with a mix of German and British folk.

All were very friendly and gave the impression that many were regular visitors having overheard conversations like "I remember him from three years ago" and "Cheerio, see you tomorrow". This beach is quite isolated and my reporter was able to stroll yards in each direction without encountering anyone. A few walkers came past the site at the edge of the water but took little notice, except for a couple of women who grinned at him. Highly recommended.

To summarise, contributors have found the beach to be good for access, thoughtfulness, friendliness and cleanliness. Main downsides are its relatively small size and the textile walkers, but mostly they are no bother and just pass through without caring. A visit in early June sadly revealed that Nikos has not reopened this season and there are no beds or umbrellas present. However, there were a small approx.

I visited in the second half of August. Yanni was running the concessions, and I was told the proprietors had suffered bad health and could no longer run the stand. Everything was in good condition, with cold beer, water, and sandwiches for sale. Nearly no people there either. In September the illustrated was missing but there was a tiny at the road saying merely "Tropical Beach". About 50m after the Olympia Mare. My wife and I have been visiting Kos for a of years now, and always seem to end up spending most of our time at Tropical Beach.

The sea is generally a lot calmer at Tropical than other naturist beaches on the island, and an added bonus is that it is pretty well sheltered from the wind. For that you are pretty much guaranteed peace and quiet, however the beach is slightly to the right of the flight path, so you do have some aircraft flying overhead, but I find this a welcome distraction. Another bonus is that the beds are well spaced out, ensuring a higher degree of privacy than most.

The beach itself is sandy, but there are some areas at the waters edge which are covered in pebbles, however Nikos has created a walkway from sandbags which makes entering the water a breeze. There are some rocks just beyond the sandbags, but these make way to a shallow sandy bed which people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Entrance is a unmarked road on the left hand side after the Olympia Mare coming from Kardamena , and just before the wire fenced area. When on the beach, turn right and Tropical is a short walk from there. I visited Tropical Beach in July.

Very well, great relax, very quiet. Even the same good situation. I visited in June and September and as always had a very pleasant and relaxing time there. I visited Tropical Beach in September. There was a small on a fence you can see if you're coming from Kardamena, although I still had a little trouble finding it.

The location on the map at naturistdirectory. The beach entrance is West of the Olympia Mare, not East as shown there. The location is correct at OpenStreetMap From the road, there is a fenced-in area with a offering horseback rides. The Tropical Beach is on the beach side of this fenced area. The shower was not functional, and the cafe seemed to be diminished but I was travelling in the shoulder season. Very nice! In mid- May , we visited Natural beach thanks to the indication provided right but there was no at all and it is better like that.

The beach is small and didn't seemed interested in the first place but after resting there, this was the BEST one we found and came back. Still no textile. Some people walking along the sea due to hotels going to Kardamena but it is no textile, not problematical. We think we recognised the new owner for the small cafe as he was fixing his stand for the new season with his blonde wife on the pic.

The place was quiet and the water terrific even if there are some stones before swimming upon sand and fishes. Really a nice place to rest but we wonder during touristic period over-crowded? A very pleasant visit in June revealed that a winter storm had removed some of the shade around the seating area but some reduced shade was still provided by beach umbrellas.

There were approx 12 sets of beds available and they were open from to The beach is kept very clean and tidy and sandbags aid entrance into the sea over a few rocks, after that the sea bed is completely sandy and the water extremely clear. Mandy and Nikos provide a very warm welcome and I would recommend a visit here. The tavern is still being run by Mandy and her partner - drinks at reasonable prices - some people just drop by for the tavern - clients have decorated large pebbles that line the veranda rail of the taverna.

The beach is lovely with a mix of couples and single women and men. Very quiet - 10 minutes walk from the big resort beaches to the west. The odd textile walks past but takes little notice. The line of sandbags is in place to aid getting out to swimming depth. The sea bed is a mix of flat rocks and sand. August: the beach is very nice, it has a natural repair from the wind Kos is a really windy island , sunbeds are 7 eur for one day.

The atmosphere is kind and gentle, with lot of respect. We think that is a very social beach, when you go to the taverna you can speak with everybody, we have known a lot of nice people a family from Bruxelles, a couple from Manchesterā€¦see you soon! Just one thing: Mandy the owner seems to be very glacial with Italians and not so glacial with English peopleā€¦ , but Dimitri her man we think is very gentle with everybody. Recommended also for food and drink. Very good beach, people and taverna.

Late September: A delightful beach. Relatively small, with a group of very pleasant people, prepared to include visitors in their water-games.

Nudist sex kos

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