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Because it turned out to be the most unexpected antidote to anxiety and a doorway to breakthrough I never imagined. So when I had three separate nudges to go on a solitude trip, I begrudgingly obliged. A while back, I started following Jesus and noticing the ways he gets my attention when he wants to tell me something. It might sound crazy, but I felt He wanted to talk to me more—away, alone—than He could if I kept my normal day-to-day. The idea of going places alone makes my heart race, my entire body sweat, and my stomach nauseous. I always get everywhere early just in case there was traffic, or I got lost.

So, last summer, when I thought I heard God telling me to go on a solitude trip, it was honestly comical. I was crippled with anxiety and flat out said there was no way I could do that. A few days later, during a leadership training, the speaker shared about ways to grow as a leader.

He said we need to spend time with people checkmark, I do that super well and spend time with God checkmark, I already do that too. Then he talked about extended solitude, and I was convicted. His words that day made me so incredibly uncomfortable, which for me, can be a that God is saying something. One month later, I deleted all social media, turned off all alerts on my phone, and set off on my first solo trip to spend time in a cabin with God.

I turned up my worship music and rolled the windows down, and those anxieties began to subside. And then it was time for lunch. I convinced myself to stop at a fun restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee, for a nice meal. I got off the exit, and as I saw the burger t approaching, I began to get hot and sweaty, and I continued to drive right past it. And that was not going to be the day that changed. How ridiculous is that?! I got back on the road and decided that before checking into my Airbnb, I was going to go to a mountain overlook to take some pretty pictures.

Until the road dead-ended, and it started torrential downpouring and thundering. I slowly made my way down the mountain and regained cell phone service to see that I had, in fact, put in the wrong location, and a big storm was headed in my direction.

I drove to the Airbnb and thanked the Lord the entire way there for protecting me and keeping me safe. While on this trip, I fell in love with being alone. I felt a newfound sense of freedom of coming and going when I wanted. For the first time, it was fun to have no plans or agenda. I was at peace, and my soul felt so good. I went horseback riding and encountered the sweetest couple.

I hiked up mountains and sat and prayed by the stream. And the entire time, I imagined Jesus doing the same things with me. I was with Him all along. I realized I usually live my life far too busy to hear from God truly. I also decided to start seeing a Christian therapist unpack some things I had not fully dealt with from my past. This trip also served as a catalyst for me to start living with families. Maybe you need that, too. I have no idea what it is for you, but I know He wants more of you.

He has more to give you , too. As I packed up for this next trip, I had minimal anxiety, knowing Jesus was with me and God was watching over me as I started on another journey to just BE with Him. Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling What stood out to you most about this article?

It could be a specific line you read or something you felt as you were reading. Noticing it could be the beginning of hearing from God. Lean into it, ask why, and see where it le. How does the idea of spending a weekend alone with God sound? Name your biggest concern in life right now, and see if you can take some time away to see what God can do for you if you take a break to depend more on him? This stuff helps us figure out how many fruitcakes to make come December.

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Missing my sexy mnt Pisgah chat buddy

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