Married looking for spice

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I know the kids are important, but keep your marriage priority. Forget your comfy, cotton p. My husband always teases me about how I take items out of this hand — like money or car keys. Did I mention date your husband? Marriage can be absolutely wonderful! But sometimes it can take an unexpected turn. And sometimes women being to think or realize they have married a less, than admirable husband.

You and your husband can enjoy the sparks of love, compassion and intimacy that you once shared. Choosing to love your husband in spite of his shortcomings and bad decisions will only help transform your marriage into one that positively and massively affects your family for generations to come.

And this lesson-based book gives you daily, actionable tasks to help you love your husband with a powerful, genuine, selfless love. Keeping your kids on a bedtime routine will give you and your hubby some quiet, one-on-one time together. My husband and I absolutely love our kids, but we also look forward to the couple of hours of quiet time we enjoy together at night. I often think about the strange woman in Proverbs chapter 7. Instead of shoving over a pile of laundry, or stepping over 20 toys unless you know this toy clean-up hack , offer a clean, inviting, intimate room for the two of you to unwind at the end of the day.

I think one of the things my husband liked most about me when we were dating is I was perky — sometimes a little too perky. When days are a little bit more stressful, I try remember these small motivators, to help me get more pep in my step and add smile to my face. Let us help your marriage bloom in just ten days!

Change your marriage today for the better! Ready to Spice Up Your Marriage? Hey, this marriage thing is for life, so make the most of it! Your kids will benefit greatly from it! More Inspiration Just for You.

Married looking for spice

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15 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage