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Want to Read. Buy on Amazon. Rate this book. Perilous Love Jan Selbourne. Adrian Bryce has led something of a playboy lifestyle, playing fast and hard with a beautiful seductress until the British government sends him on a spying asment. The deadly mission sees Adrian and his family running for their lives through a war-torn Europe. On the perilous road to home, a web of spies and assassins surround them on all sides. As the danger grows, Adrian finds himself more drawn to the lovely Gabrielle.

A nightmare of betrayal and brutality follow them as Adrian risks everything to get his family back home. This edition Format ebook. ISBN More details. Jan Selbourne 8 books 8 followers. Search review text. Displaying 1 - 8 of 8 reviews.

Chris C - A Midlife Wife. Very long book but quite engaging. I love when that happens! You get a brief synopsis of the story before you read it but we are at the mercy of the author after . This is a historical romance. But in actuality, this book is also a bit of a thriller with a splash of suspense too. With the timeline set during the beginning of the First WW, we get a close up look into the frightening details of war and the relationship of Adrian and Gaby.

As the war closes in and a shocking turn of events throws their marriage and life into turmoil, the author captivates us with the level of fear that surrounds the invasion of countries by Germany. With emotions running high, Adrian and Gaby are on the run where they have to learn things about each other they never knew.

A tentative level of trust is found but betrayal abounds too. This book is long but the author keeps the interest level high with constant action and twists in the story. I really liked that the author chose to create characters with major flaws. Flaws that became a hindrance to their relationship but could strengthen it too. A wonderful story of history, suspense, action, and definitely perilous love. Well Done! Tracie R. Not generally a historic reader I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

The character development and the story were well written and thought out. I have not read this author before, but I have to say after reading Perilous Love by Jan Selbourne I will definitely be looking to of her books and recommending her to others. Viola Russell. Author 8 books 30 followers. I love Ms. Melbourne's historical fiction. This novel has two wonderfully likable characters whose love story keeps you rooting for them. The horror of war also echoes throughout the book, and the historical details are wonderful. Eileen Troemel. Author books followers.

This is a 4. It's a book where I was annoyed each time I was interrupted when reading it. Set in the first world war, Perilous Love which has a much better new cover has been newly updated and rereleased with a new cover.

The cover is much more fitting. The story takes right before the start of the war. The two main characters I didn't like - Adrian and Gabrielle. They are rich and spoiled and obnoxious. They travel from England to Belgium for their annual visit to Gabrielle's family Belgium royalty.

What occurs in Belgium forces these characters to look at themselves, their marriage, and each other. Selbourne takes them through the hell of a country invaded and under siege. The violence and the horror of the time is handled beautifully by Selbourne. Instead of forcing the reader to go through horrific scenes of rape, debauchery, and violence, Selbourne has the reader experience it as the characters do.

These keeps the horror of what were realistic events of the war from overwhelming the central story. Her characters are well researched and fit the time period she's using. Her story line is well paced with a balance of fast paced OMG what will happen next to the moments when the characters connect and are real with each other. I don't typically read historical novels. Too often I find mistakes on word usage, setting, or items in the book being out of place or time. Selbourne clearly did her research when it came to all of these things.

This is well written. It's got depth and heart in it. When you read the book, you feel like you're in the time period with the characters. Lesley Wilson. Author 4 books 6 followers. This book is a rip-snorting tale of intrigue, espionage, love, lust, adultery, greed and danger, set against the backdrop of WWI. The main protagonists, estranged husband and wife, Gabriel and Adrian Bryce pay lip service to their sham marriage for the sake of their children — until they are thrown together in a life or death situation.

From a cosseted British country house scenario to the nitty gritty of war-torn Europe, this unlikely couple learn to rely on each other through the worst privations they have ever experienced. The story culminates in a most unexpected finale. Well done Jan Selbourne for keeping your reader turning the s at a rate of knots. I can't say enough good things about this book. Very well written, full of suspense. With main characters I didn't entirely admire at the beginning, I came to care very much about them by the end.

Selbourne did her homework and it shows in the details that brought the story to life in my mind. I highly recommend this book! If you like a good historical romance then this is well worth reading. It is not my usual genre but every now and then I do like to have a change and this was a fantastic choice it was really well written and had me hooked it is the first I have from Jan but it won't be the last I will be adding her to my tbr list.

Patricia Elliott. Author 11 books 16 followers. The story was well-written and had more depth than most stories you read. Jan's descriptive ability is amazing. the discussion.

Love in selborne

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