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The story builds around him a group of up and comers in the scene, who make their own contributions, and are performed with their own compelling grace across the board. Rory Culkin appears in the earlier episodes as a young Joel Schumacher , who provides the material that Halston then handles with a magic touch.

A great example of this comes from fashion history, as with the Halston teardrop perfume bottle. Peretti is shown deing it after a necklace she wore, after Halston insisted on making. He gets pushback from Mahoney that the de isn't logical or factory assembly-friendly, but nonetheless, Halston was right. The bottle is a hit. And yet this success did not create an openness; it fueled Halston's stubbornness as a businessman and an artist.

But even with its cast, the tight writing within the minute miniseries always goes back to Halston. In particular, McGregor as Halston, a vital spectacle that one must be fascinated by in order to get into the series, even if the overall likability of Halston is rarely hammered in.

McGregor treats Halston as a piece of art, a complex being with always more behind his moments of hubris and genius. A major breakthrough for Halston is presented early, in which he realizes he can slick his hair back, don sunglasses, and lower his voice. It's a presentation of power, and a costume. There could have been more from this script about how he came to these ideas, but such a moment is telling and adds to the richness of what McGregor is trying to do.

What was Halston the younger like? Episode three brings this out especially, with Halston experiencing vivid sense memory and tearful reactions as he chooses smells for his famous perfume with an excellently cast Vera Farmiga as a pseudo-therapist and perfumer. Such scenes exemplify how McGregor approaches this character with complete empathy, embracing how that factor is needed for an actor, or viewer, to connect with such a character.

Some viewers may not see him as a hero or an artist, and some might even see the project itself as tone-deaf. But the world around Halston is captivating, with intoxicating, music-driven sequences that capture the grandeur of Halston's reign in the '70s, and there's a stunning recreation of his famous Olympic Tower studio and showroom, a glass castle in New York City overlooking a cathedral.

And Minahan has a sure hand with moving Halston between different friendships, unfolding intimate scenes that show how these people have their own lives and would create their own legacies away from him. But he remains an enigma, an appeal that McGregor and this miniseries treat like fashion: you either feel it too, or you don't. Ewan McGregor as Halston.

David Pittu as Joe Eula. Rebecca Dayan as Elsa Peretti. Gian Franco Rodriguez as Victor Hugo. Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli. Rory Culkin as Joel Schumacher. Vera Farmiga as Adele. Reviews Halston. Nick Allen May 14, Now on Netflix. Now playing. Sweet Girl Matt Zoller Seitz. Dune Glenn Kenny. The Alpinist Isaac Feldberg.

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