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More than registered sex offenders in Hall County who, up until last week, were prohibited from living within 1, feet of schools, playgrounds, churches and other places where children gather now can live wherever they want. Sex offenders still must register their residences with law enforcement each year, regardless of whether they move.

The information is listed on a public Web site. Cronic said he was disappointed that the court struck down provisions of the law he felt were valid. The case was brought by a registered sex offender in Hampton who saw two day care centers built within 1, feet of his home, forcing him to move. Cronic acknowledged the ruling would mean a decreased workload for his sex offender unit, which had two investigators working full time to check where sex offender lived, often with the help of maps and global positioning systems.

Larry Duttweiler, a senior attorney with the office of the Northeastern Judicial Circuit Public Defender, has represented more than a dozen sex offenders who were arrested for living too close to restricted areas in Hall County. James Mills, R-Chestnut Mountain, said the legislature would take another crack at the law in the upcoming session. Mills made a distinction between dangerous sexual predators and sex offenders. There are only 39 people of the more than 10, registered sex offenders in Georgia who are categorized as "sexual predators.

Sexual predators are under tougher restrictions than other sex offenders and wear electronic ankle monitors. Two of the 39 live in Gainesville: Adrian M. These judges have accurately pointed out areas that need more discussion and more debate. Critics of the law have noted that rapists and child molesters are essentially treated the same as someone who had consensual sex with an underage person two years younger.

Said Cronic, "My hope is the legislature will go back and craft something that will withstand judicial review. Mills agrees.

Ladies seeking sex Oakwood Georgia

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