Just looking for mr right now

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April 28, But how do you know? Your judgement is phased, but things will become clearer the more time you spend around them — providing you can stay level-headed. This can hurt a little, and be disheartening or confusing. Similarly on the flip-side, if someones more invested in the relationship than you are, you have to be honest. Things work with Mr Right Now so long as you have a mutual understanding and are both on the same .

So be careful to not mess anyone around. This post is actually pretty interesting for exploring the science of soul-mates… it might be worth a read! Keep your standards high, always. Never compromise on the things that really matter to you — like values, work ethics, certain characteristics like kindness.

If this is the case, you may well have met Mr Right, but for the time being, he can stay as Mr Right Now. You can both do your own thing, give each other the time you might need, and then when you reconnect — things will have far more chance of working. Follow your heart and what feels right, with the person that feels right.

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Just looking for mr right now

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