I would like to have a relationship

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A relationship can be a beautiful thing, and the process of finding the right person can be an amazing experience too. Invest in yourself. This is one of the most important parts about dating, but is often the most overlooked. Everybody wants to be with someone who has it together. The most important elements here are financial stability, good physical fitness, emotional intelligence, and a lust for life. In fact, many people do. But consider these the characteristics that make you a great candidate for a serious relationship:.

Financial stability means you have a decent job. Good physical fitness does not mean you need to look like a model or an athlete, just that you work out regularly and eat relatively well. Looks are just a nice cherry on top. This, in turn, allows you to manage your emotions and navigate personal relationships with empathy and understanding..

Have hobbies, friends, family, and interests. Be curious about learning and keep an open-mind. Meet people everywhere. The most important part about finding a relationship is, well, meeting the people you might end up in a relationship with. Talk to your family, your friends, or people in your community or place of worship.

Meet people in social settings that you have already have a vested interest in like concerts, book clubs, or local political gatherings. Talk to people in grocery stores. You want to meet as many people from as many different places as possible, which takes us to our next step…. Go on dates. Many people think: when it happens, it will happen. Go on dates actively. Go on lots of dates. Meet all sorts of different people. Go seek it. Maybe, common interests are important to you. Or maybe, you want to find someone from your hometown.

Still be open-minded, but look with a bit more care. But be realistic. Set expectations. The right person will be as excited about being in a relationship with you as you are with them. Look out for red flags. Express your feelings. A big part of relationships, not to mention life in general, is dealing with your natural emotional responses. Trust your gut. This one is known alternatively as the feel test. Does the connection with the person feel right?

If yes, then process. Trust it. The worst part about opening your heart is that it can be broken. And the worst part about heartbreak is that it can happen again and again. And again. You get it. Heartbreak is a part of dating too. And it will happen again. My heart goes out to you. Love is a full court press. Work hard enough and you will.

But consider these the characteristics that make you a great candidate for a serious relationship: Financial stability means you have a decent job. More from The Date Mix. Subscribe to our newsletter Please enter a valid address. Address. Search for.

I would like to have a relationship

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I Want a Relationship: 11 Tips to Make It Happen