I want to drink your piss

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The latest fad which seems to have caught the interest of DIY health elites is The fad claims that drinking your own piss and further applying it to your skin in clear skin, helps in battling acne and increases general vitality. As crazy as it may seem, right from Madonna to Indian politician and Nobel prize winner, Swami Agnivesh practice urotherapy.

We are listing down the reason why you should NOT be drinking your own piss if you are already not grossed out enough by the idea of swirling your pee in your mouth like the YouTube experts. First things first, the claims floating around the internet of piss being sterile are completely untrue and not proven at the very least. This myth of urine being sterile has spread like a wildfire. This confusion stems from the fact that the absence of UTI urinary tract infection does not mean the absence of bacteria, as UTI is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria.

For the uninitiated, urine contains waste products filtered out from the bloodstream. The funny part is urine is actually excreted out of the body, making it seemingly unfit to consume again. After all, why would you want to strain your kidneys by reintroducing waste products in your body? After being metabolized, the medicines you take are excreted through your urine. Now add two and two and guess why it is not advisable to drink your own urine?

By drinking your own urine, you may introduce bacteria into your system, as your urinary tract contains different types of bacteria. This may further result in various types of infections or diseases. It is a known fact that the urine contains salts in a concentrated amount. When you drink it, you are straining your kidneys to process this salt for which it will need some water. This will result in peeing a lot more water to compensate for the increase in salt intake aka your piss. The point of urination is to rid the body of excess.

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I want to drink your piss

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True or False: It’s Safe to Drink Your Urine