Haverford-PA sex search

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Judith Meyer is passionate about mediation. She brings high energy and total commitment to a process that requires quick grasp of the essential business and legal issues of a dispute, as well as quick comprehension of the shifting dynamics between the parties - lawyers and their clients. She parses and reframes complex issues. She moves the parties from positions to interests. She is especially adept in high-emotion cases. She makes a total commitment to the parties, their counsel to be their negotiation guide through from first referral to final resolution. She began her mediation practice in Southern California in the 's and brought her skills to Pennsylvania where she has been mediating for 30 years.

She is highly respected by her peers and teaches negotiation and mediation at Cornell Law School. Bazerman and A. I work as a mediator and as a Fact Finder in public School Districts and higher education institutions. I have mediated more than a dozen matters involving disputes within universities and colleges. The disputes have ranged from alleged contract breaches, challenges to tenure denials, alleged rape and Title IX disputes, and intra-faculty disputes. Download PDF. Tel: Cell: Fax: Website: www.

ADR Practice Benchmarks. Practice Percentages. Case Experience. Barnard College, B. Rates Information. Reverse Title IX action for damages brought by male student expelled from college for lack of due process in expulsion process by college.

Fact-finding in and mediation of dysfunctional professional behavioral conflicts between doctors and nurses in community hospital; Fact-finding in school district sexual harassment claim; Fact-finding in and mediation of dysfunctional professional behavioral conflicts between doctors and nurses in community hospital; Dispute between Dean of School of Education and Director of On-Line Learning over authority of On-Line center to enroll students and advertise course material; Fact-finding in public school district where female teachers were filing complaints of bullying and intimidation by male faculty; Fact-finding where complaint of racial discrimination was filed, in which staff of three departments of a community college, housed in the same physical premises.

I served as a fact finder, interviewing 21 witnesses and producing a report of findings and suggestions to HR. Fact-finding in Big Ten University where tenured faculty member was dating students and intimidating colleagues. Section preference avoidance actions. Academy Members Only. Remember Me. Please confirm below:. You will receive an containing a link allowing you to reset your password to a new preferred one.

Haverford-PA sex search

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