Fuck Buddy in Paragonah Iron UT

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Use your facebook to register with BillionGraves. It will be one less password to remember. You can always add an and password later. Clark Andrew Lamoreaux is buried in the Paragonah Cemetery at the location displayed on the map below. Our technology can help you find the gravesite and other family members buried nearby. Clark Andrew Lamoreaux 8 Apr - 28 Sep Life Information. Register to get full access to the grave site record of Clark Andrew Lamoreaux. Terms and Conditions. In order to gain full access to this record, please verify your by opening the welcome that we just sent to you.

Check your spam folder if you can't find it there. We have sent another confimation . Facebook up the easy way. Setting Primary Image. Clark Andrew Lamoreaux Born: 8 Apr Paragonah, Iron , Utah. Tina Brown June 9, Nearby Graves. Find more about Clark Andrew We found more records about Clark Andrew Lamoreaux. Relationships on the hetone add. Wilma Lamoreaux Davenport.

Relationships added by users add. Grave Site of Clark Andrew edit. Cemetery Name. Download the free BillionGraves mobile app for iPhone and Android before you go to the cemetery and it will guide you right to the gravesite. Memories add. Frank Burton and Mrs. Addie Thornton of Parowan were in attendance to hear my first squawk. I was the second child born to Andrew J. Our home was a four 4 roomed frame home located in the west central part of town, down near the fields. Two thirds of that block had once belonged to Grandfather David Albert Lamoreaux and he divided it up among part of his children.

My first real recollection is of hitting my brother Joe over the head with an ax, cutting quite a gash. It was like this: My uncle Blaine Jones , Joe and I were playing around when the bright idea struck me that some candy might taste good. It was fun to fill a big bucket with perhaps ten 10 dozen eggs. For the bucket full of eggs, we got a bucket full of candy from the new store just built on Main Street.

Grandfather, detecting his egg loss, knew about where to come for the culprits. I remember it was on Saturday and we were stripped down ready for our bath. We imfatically denied it, but no doubt we looked guilty because we got a good tuneing up. Joe finally broke down and confessed, but I was so bull-headed that I never did. We had a sorrel horse once that we called Frank. I rode him all the time but he always managed to throw me off no matter when or where it was. On the other hand, Joe could ride him without any mishaps. One day the horses all got out and went down to the field gate.

Dad told Joe to go get them and he did, mounted on the sorrel. He was looping peacefully along behind the others when suddenly I streaked out of the tall bush beside the road and yelled. Well, that time Joe went off and I got my britches plenty warmed up on the back for doing such a mean trick to my Brother. It used to be our great sport in the winter to go skating on the ice down on the Chimney meadow pastures. On one occasion two of the kids were riding horses and they had a long stick or pole between them and to the pole was fastened a long rope to a sled on which I was riding.

We were progressing nicely when we encountered some cattle. This specially frightened them and one steer bolted between the two horses and made a bee line for me. Before he got far though, his horns got tangled in the rope, tipped the sled over and of course lost me. We managed to finally get everything straightened our without serious trouble but it looked doubtful for a time. A little later on in my life, I recall another rather narrow escape. My Dad used to do some trapping for a little extra money.

I loved to go with him around the traps. The wild animals caught were quite an adventure to me. On going to one of the traps one day, we found a nice little half grown Coyote had just been caught. I thought it would be fun to take him home alive and show the kids. He made a dive for the brush and I snaked him back but he objected to my intentions. He charged me with his mouth wide open, his sharp teeth just grazed my forehead.

He grabbed my cap and made for the brush again. From right then, I concluded that dead Coyotes are the best kind, so that little fighter lost his life. We milked about twenty-five 25 cows and made butter and some cheese. The butter, we took to Parowan and sold it to the Old Equitable Store.

I started school in the Old school house. Leona Jones Stones and Bertha Topham were my first teachers. I imagine I gave my teachers a plenty rough time, I know I did Mr. The feeling of indifference seemed to be mutual. With Mr. McOmie it was different. He seemed to take an interest in me and I had a desire to learn. He was the best teacher I ever had and I think I learned more that one year than with any three teachers had taught me put together.

I always enjoyed going to Sunday School and Primary when I was younger and Mutual when I was older, especially to take part in the plays. That seemed to be a Lamoreaux trait to be a little gifted along that line. I believe J. Leonard Topham baptized me when I was eight 8 years old. When I got big enough to work on the farm, I used to do that, especially in the spring of the year when Dad was away shearing.

All my life I have enjoyed hunting and fishing. One fishing trip that I recall vividly was in June before my Grandfather died in June. He had a model T ford and I went along for company and to help him what I could. He owned a row boat which he kept up at Panguitch Lake. I handled the oars while he fished. He never took any chances if the Lake got rough though. On this occasion of which I speak, we stayed quite a few days and had excellent luck, catching ninety-five 95 fine big trout. We ate fish all the time we were there and the next day after we came home, Mother fixed up a delicious trout dinner and invited Grandfather down.

We all had such an enjoyable time together. Little did we realize then that as he stood at the Pulpit the following day talking in the funeral of his old friend and neighbor, Thomas Robb, that he would drop dead of a heart attack [June 25, ].

Fuck Buddy in Paragonah Iron UT

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