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Guide to Sanpete County, Utah ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Birth records , marriage and death records , cemeteries , census , church records , probate records , and obituaries —resources to find parents and family history since , when the county was formed. The County was named for the Ute chief Sanpitch, which was changed to Sanpete. The County is located in the center area of the state. County Clerk has birth records , death records, , marriage records from , divorce, probate and court records from and land records from For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit Hometown Locator.

The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county: [4]. The types of records that follow are used for genealogy and family history. Most tell what you may learn and how to locate the records. Links to Internet sites usually go directly to Sanpete County, Utah entries with names, images, or information. The term "Bible records" refers to the practice of keeping family dates and events in a family Bible.

This was a common practice in many European countries and carried over to America. Many of these family Bible records are still in existence and preserved by the descendants of the immigrants. In some cases these family Bibles have found their way into libraries and other repositories. For an explanation of how to find Bible records and for helpful links see Utah Bible Records. See also United States Bible Records. Cemetery records often reveal birth, death, relationship, military, and religious information. The spouse and children who died young are frequently buried nearby.

More than tombstone inscriptions, cemetery records include sextons caretakers records and interment burial records, each with slightly different information. See Utah Cemeteries. List of Sanpete County Cemeteries. Census records and later list names, ages, and places of birth state or nation for everyone in the household. Censuses locate the family and have other clues to find more records about them.

The information given in church records depends upon the practices of each religious group. Most include the names of members, often with ages and birth places. Several give birth, christening, or blessing dates for infants.

See Utah Church Records for details about various denominations. Historically, most people in Utah were Latter-day Saints. Their records are, therefore, very important for early Utah research. Click a church unit name in the chart below for its history, boundaries, and availability of records, which are often in microfilm format. List of Sanpete County stakes and wards to about Many of your ancestors may be found in court records as defendants, plaintiffs, witnesses, or jurors.

Court records can establish family relationships and places of residence, occupations, and other family history information. See Utah Court Records for the various courts through the years. Guardianship of orphans or adults unable to manage their own affairs were handled by the probate and the Federal District courts. See Utah Court Records. Land records especially deeds often give the name of a spouse, heir, other relatives, or other clues for further research. They often have other clues for further research, such as witnesses or the other parties who may be relatives or in-laws.

See Utah Land and Property for more. See Utah Naturalization and Citizenship for more information. Small town newspapers contain obituaries, birth or death notices, community news such as the visit of someone's relatives , legal notices and provide historical content. See Utah newspapers for tips, resources, and details. Obituaries may mention birth, marriage, spouse, parents, and living family members. See Utah Obituaries for state level compendiums and United States Obituaries for tips and insights regarding this record type.

In Utah, such records may be difficult to find. Try records of the church they may have attended. Realize, however, that such records may have not been preserved, and would not be in the typical records of membership. It is possible there were records kept by civilian authorities. Ask town or county officials and local librarians and the State Archives. Probate cases include court actions regarding property and estates of individuals who have died.

Records may locate relatives, provide death dates, and identify property. See Utah Probate Records for more information. If your records show the person was born here before the county was formed, search parent counties. Divorce records give the names of the parties and may give the date and place of their marriage. See Utah Vital Records for excellent information. Resources for Sanpete County, Utah are available in repositories such as libraries and archives at all levels: the town, the county, the state including universities , and the nation. Check websites and catalogs of archives and libraries for items for this county.

Sanpete County County Clerk: N. Local public libraries usually have histories, genealogies, indexes of cemeteries, copies of local newspapers, or other records for the area they serve. Many libraries in Utah have an area dedicated to local collections and manuscripts.

See also Utah's Online Library , which provides links to library web s, addresses, phone s, hours, and maps. Forebears - San Pete County Website. Clarion Dover. Memories Overview Gallery People Find. in Create . Family Tree. From FamilySearch Wiki. United States. Sanpete County. Utah Online Genealogy Records. Centerfield Ephraim Fairview. Fountain Green Gunnison Manti county seat. Moroni Mount Pleasant Spring City. Fayette Mayfield. Axtell Chester. Freedom Indianola. The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this is approved according to current policy.

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Sanpete County , Utah. Location in the state of Utah. Location of Utah in the U.

Ephraim UT sex dating

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