Any women prefer smaller

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Penis size is a topic about which you can never write too much. Because it's something the men of the world worry about every single day. Can you imagine a day where not one person on the whole planet worried about the size of their penis? It would be crazy. Who knows what we, as a species, could accomplish if we spent all the time and energy we spend worrying about penis size worrying about fixing societal problems, cleaning up the environment and ending wars.

That would truly be something to see. Unfortunately, until then, guys are still worrying about their dick size. Well, good news for guys who worry they're too small: Lots of women actually prefer smaller penises. Yes, you read that right. As these confessions from women using the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal, there's lots to love about a guy with an average or below-average length penis.

I know this goes against everything you've been taught by society, and your first instinct will be to assume that these are all lies. But think about it: some guys love women with small boobs, some guys love women with big butts, some guys love men, some guys love all of the above, some guys love none of the above. So why should women be any different? Search AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Ian Stobber. Show . Hot And Fun Sex. Show 3. Sexier To Look At. Show 4. Less Painful. Show 5.

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Any women prefer smaller

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