Any girl wanna come over

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Lol that's very sweet of you! I know I know you wanted more than that. I really think you should say something up front -- and be prepared to say once that you're going to leave, and then actually leave if it continues.

Well that's not true at all. I have many female friends who I do not have sex with. You should stop generalizing, there are decent dudes out here. I don't know it's just annoying when the girl actually just wanted to come over and hang out with the guy she likes and watch a movie together. I mean a little kissing is fine, but do they really have to pressure them to go all the way everytime? Personally I don't try to go al lthe way with a girl the first time I ask her to come over and hang out.

But every guy is different. Wanna come over and watch a movie means the same though.. You sound a little bitter. By the way don't generalize by saying "guys" just say the guys you were involved with. You seem to attract a lot of no goods. I wonder why? I just somehow know the routine. I stop it when I don't want itttt. Sexual Health. Why do guys even bother saying that you're going to watch movies, when you both know it's all set up to lead to sex? I'm getting sick of actually going over to hang out with them and watch a movie. I mean every time this happens: we pick out a good movie i get all excited to see it we watch it in their bedroom..

Share Facebook. Add Opinion. I definitely get your frustration though Maybe some guys just don't want to be so direct and say "Do you want to have sex? Maybe these guys think it's an effective segue? Being misled does suck though.. MAybe you could tell him that if he's good you'll reward him after the credits lol Though since you are one of the hottest girls I've seen in a while, maybe have an intermission if it's a 4 hour movie ha ha.

CuriousEddie 2. Can you be honest about it next time you get an invite? Say that okay, and that you'd like to watch the movie with them, but you don't want it to be simply a makeout session? But I mean, a beautiful girl like you, in a guy's bed He probably isn't even aware that there is a television in the room. Seriously learning disabled imo. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Am I the only one who says "wanna come over and watch a movie" and actually means it? Why do girls cry over the littlest things? Why won't she come to my house anymore?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Proxy Xper 4. Im sorry, but I find your complaint very hilarious. Not trying to be a mean guy, nor make moves since I already have a fiance , but two things. We're guys. Yes, we get horny. But I will tell you one thing. Know the difference between love and lust IF these guys are boyfriends. Other than that, you walk into what they want. Look at you. You're blazingly hot! I know the 'Oh no, I'm ugly, etc Think of it this way, though.

It's your body, not theirs. You can say no GuyAskingGirls Xper 2. Lol so true. It's like "come over and watch a movie? KarKingJack Xper 2. I dunno, tradition. Me and my ex had a good away around it, though.

We'd do all the dirty stuff first, and then watch the movie. Originally we wanted to wait till the movie was over, but there was like, something stopping us, hahah. Haha, it seems to be though. DanHendo opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. Never been in this situation. But this is a weak excuse for sex. I would just come out and say it.

Not "oh babe you wanna watch this movie in my room on my bed"? Lol so weak. Go for the good guys. We care. Related myTakes. What I believe is necessary for happiness - bible talk. I fear for my country! How I understand the Beast and the woman of Babylon. How I know Jeff Bezos works extremely hard - Bible talk. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Any girl wanna come over

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