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Mouy Tang walked out of an adult care facility on Sept. The day she vanished, Tang was walking along a trail that le from Unique Living assisted care where she lived for 16 years in Lawndale to a mini-mart just up the road that residents were known to visit. She was never heard from again. On Feb. Quynh Tang remembers the day her husband, Tong, got the call that Mouy was missing. She saw the pain in his eyes before he even uttered a word. In a whirlwind, the Florida-based family was in Cleveland County looking for their missing family member. Workers at Unique Living were unaware Tang, who suffered from schizophrenia and diabetes, had left because she walked through a door that had no alarm or -out process for the care facility, according to the lawsuit.

A state inspection of the facility two months before her disappearance showed that multiple doors in the facility had no alarms, along with a host of other violations from no proper dishware for residence to eat off of to improper temperature controls for the water, according to documents from the N.

Industrial Commission that handles lawsuits against the state. The documents show Unique Living had until Aug. It was on a visit to Cleveland County Department of Social Services where the Tang family began learning of the violations and the living conditions at the facility, according to Chris Duggan and William Goldfarb, attorneys representing the Tang family in the suit. Records from the legal proceedings show Megan Lamphere, the current head of the N. Department of Health Service Regulations, the office responsible for regulating these facilities, defended the lack of action taken to enforce deadlines for corrective action.

Industrial Commission to side with the Tangs twice. Facebook Twitter . Family of Mouy Tang blames state for her death. Joyce Orlando jorlando shelbystar.

Adult personals Lawndale North Carolina

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